Brisbane International Shooting Centre As many of our clubs and members will know by now PSQ has joined with Qld Target Sports (the State Body for the sport of Small Bore Rifle shooting) to form the Brisbane International Shooting Centre (BISC).

Members will also know that BISC will be the venue for the pistol and small-bore rifle events at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

The major construction is complete and the installation of the electronic target sytems will begin soon. At the present time the facility is still considered to be a worksite and at this stage, under the direction of GOLDOC, cannot be entered unless authorised by QRA; PSQ or QTS.

Photographs are also prohibited at this stage – again a requirement of GOLDOC. As soon as we get the OK we will be excited to take photographs of the facility and pass these on to our members.

We look forward to updating you on the range facility as soon as we are officially able to do so.

15 June - The installation of target systems appears to be going to plan so hopefully more updates soon.