Comm Games Test Event Teams Announced


Congratulations to all those athletes selected in the Comm Games Test Event.

·         Men's 50m A Team: Daniel Repacholi, Bruce Quick and Garry Heinrich

·         Men’s 50m B Team: Kerry Bell, Damian Dowling and Jason Markovski

·         Men’s 50m C Team: Bailey Groves, Neil Smith and Vahid Sherafati

·         Women’s 25m A Team: Elena Galiabovitch, Lalita Yauhleuskaya and Olivia Erickson

·         Women’s 25m B Team: Alison Heinrich, Lynda Ryan and Civon Smith

·         Women’s 25m C Team: Hayley Chapman, Sascha Kroopin and Laura Cowling

·         Men’s 25m Rapid Fire A Team: Sergei Evglevski, Thomas Ashmore and Bruce Quick

·         Men’s 25m Rapid Fire B Team: David Chapman, Bailey Groves and Neil Smith

·         Men’s 25m Rapid Fire C Team: Scott Anderson, Vahid Sherafati and Gary Mullens

·         Men’s 10m Air A Team: Kerry Bell, Daniel Repacholi and Sergei Evglevski

·         Men’s 10m Air B Team: Bruce Quick, Damian Dowling and Jason Faulkner

·         Men’s 10m Air C Team: Corey Martin, Bailey Groves and Thomas Ashmore

·         Women’s 10m Air A Team: Lalita Yauhleuskaya, Elena Galiabovitch and Kristy Gillman

·         Women’s 10m Air B Team: Laura Cowling, Olivia Erickson and Lynda Ryan

·         Women’s 10m Air C Team: Brooke Petrie, Hayley Chapman and Mat Thadprasit

·         Men’s Standard Pistol A Team: Scott Anderson, Sergei Evglevski and Bruce Quick

·         Men’s Standard Pistol B Team: Neil Smith, Thomas Ashmore and Mike Guistiniano

·         Men’s Standard Pistol C Team: Gary Mullens, Garry Heinrich and Vahid Sherafati