Nicola And Ragnar


On the 12th of February under sweltering heat, Ragnar Skanaker, 7 x time Swedish Olympian and World Champion of many, conducted some on the line coaching with a few of our ISSF State Squad members. It was a great opportunity for squad members to speak and hear his story and be enthused of what you can do to become a champion.

Obviously there is little you can do in a day with people you haven't met before but between Ragnar and Ben Sandstrom (3 x Olympian) they were able to at least address some of the first areas to ensure are correct, glasses and sight use doing everything else right and you can't see what you are suppose to see.

This was an opportunity not to be missed and i am sure those attending, would be enspired by his knowledge.

Thank you to Ragnar and Beaudesert Pistol Club for allowing this opportunity for us.