PSQ Competitions

2019 Results

Metro PSQ Div Services

GCPAA Action Pistol Aus Day

Metro PSQ Div ISSF Events Open

SA/PSQ Team Challenge (missing ones will be posted later in the week)

50m   25m Centre Fire    25m Sport Jun     10m Air Men    10m Standard    25m Rapid Fire    10m Air Women

Warwick Open February

Cairns TSC February Open

JoanYetFoy Open

Action Pistol SE Cu p R1 Open    Action Pistol SE Cup R1 MS

Metallic Silhouette Smallbore & Field National Championships - well done to all Qlders!

QLD CUP  25m Rapid Fire Pistol RF A   RF B   RF C   RF D   RF Final

QLD Cup 25m Standard Pistol  A  B    D

QLD Cup 10m Air Pistol Women Master   A     B    C    D  Junior FINAL

QLD Cup  50m Pistol   A   B     C    WSPS

QLD Cup 10m Air Pistol Men Master to be posted Bailey G 569, Dan R 568 A   B C D Final

QLD Cup 25m Centre Fire A  B C

QLD Cup 25 Pistol A B C Final 25m Pistol Men


2018 Results

Metro PSQ Division Open


25m Rapid Fire Pistol

RF Final

10m Air Pistol Men

10m Air Pistol Final

25m Standard Pistol

10m Air Pistol Women

10m Air Pistol W Final

25m Sport WSPS

Metro Service Marathon Sat

Metro Service Marathon Sunday

Warwick Feb Open

Gold Coast PAA JYF

MS Ram Slam

Cairns April

NQ Games Mackay

Action Rd 1 Brisbane PC

Action Rd 1 Met Sight

Action Pistol Toowoomba

Cunnamulla Open

Toowoomba Open

MS SB Toogoolawah Open

MS Big Bore State Championships

Action GCPAA Aus Day Open

FNQ Open

GCPAA June Open

Cairns Marathon Saturday

Cairns Marathon Sunday

Cairns ISSF Open July

Beaudesert Scenic Rim

Rockhampton Open

PSQ ISSF State Champs

50m A 50m B 50m C 50m D25m CF A 25m CF B 25m CF C 25m CF D  

Jnr Girls Air B Jnr Girls Air D ; Jnr Mens Air M Jnr Mens Air A 

Jnr Mens Air A Jnr Mens Air B Jnr Mens C ;Jnr 25m A Jnr 25m B  

10m Mens Air Final 10m Mens Air A 10m Mens Air B 10m Mens Air C 10m mens Air D

WAir Final WAir Master WAir A WAir B WAir C WAir D

25m Rapid Fire Final 25m Rapid Fire A 25m Rapid Fire B 25m Rapid Fire C 25m Rapid Fire D

25m Pistol Final 25m Pistol A 25m Pistol B 25m Pistol D 

25m Standard A 25m Standard B 25m Standard C 25m Standard D 

Black Powder State Championships

Services & WA1500 State Championships

SE Regional Action Metallic Sights

SE Regional Action Open

Emerald Open

Action Pistol R5

Action Pistol State Championships

Murrumba Open

FNQ September Open

Cairns September Mini Open


Warwick rose and Rodeo Open

Warwick Action Open  Warwick Action Metallic

SE Regional Champs for Services and WA1500

GCPAA Action Pistol

Cairns Last Chance

MS Small Bore and Field Pistol State Championships








Results 2017 

1. Metro PSQ PA Matches

2. Metro PSQ ISSF Matches

3. Warwick PA/ISSF - Feb

4. Action Pistol GCPAA Australia Day

5. Cairns 25 Feb Open

6. Cairns 26 Feb Open

7. Gold Coast PAA - Joan Yet Foy Memorial

8. Action Pistol SEQ Cup R1 - Gold Coast PAA

9. PA Nationals - Small Bore and Field Pistol

10. Action Pistol SEQ Cup R2

11. Cairns WA1500 & Services Open March

12. PA Nationals: Day 1 & 2BP50, WA1500 Pistol & Revolver 

Day 3 (Tues 11) - BPS 25 and Service Pistol

Day 4 (Wed 12) - Service 25 & SPU

Day 5 (Thurs 13) - 10m Air Women & 25m Centre Fire

Day 6 (Fri 14) - 50mt & 10mt Air Junior Women

Day 7 (Sat 15) - 25mt Sport Pistol - IPC Final has incorrect name - Rpaid Fire still being finalsied

Day 7 cont and Day 8 - 25mt Rapid Fire & Standard Pistol

Day 8 final - 10mt Air Pistol Men and Junior

13. SE Region Services

14. Action Pistol SQ Cup R 4

15. MS Ram Slam

16. Action Pistol South Qld Cup R5

17. Burdekin & Northern Region

18. Cunnamulla Open results soon

19. Brisbane Pistol Club Open

20. Toowoomba Open and SE Region Champs

21. GCPAA Len Luke

22. Dimbulah Open


24. Action Pistol SW Regional Championships

25. Cairns Target Shooting Club Marathon Saturday

26. Cairns Target Shooting Club Marathon Sunday

27. Action Pistol SW Regional Championships

28. MS metro PSQ Div. Small Bore and Field Pistol

29. Mt Isa Open

30. Central Regional Championships

31. Emerald Open

32. Rockhampton Open

33. Cairns July Open

34. Blackall results file is too large to upload at this time

35. Beaudesert Open and SE Regional

36. Service and WA1500 STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS

37. Gladstone Open 

38. Murrumba Open

39. Cairns ISSF & BP Open

40. MS Big Bore National Championships

41. ISSF State Championships results are in matches due to size of files:

25m Rapid Fire Pistol  25m Standard Pistol  50m Pistol  50m Final 10m Air Pistol 60  

25m Pistol Men  

25m Sport  Final

10m Air Pistol Women  Final

25m Sport Junior

10m Air Pistol 40 Junior  10m Air 60 Junior

42. Warwick October Open

43. Lismore Open

SQ Cup Series

44. Action SQ Cup Rd 7

45. MS SE Regional Champs Smalle Bore and Field

46. Cairns Last Chance Saturday










Results 2016


1. Aus Day Action Pistol  
2 Action Pistol Rd 1  
3 Action Pistol Rd 2  
4 CTSC 28 Feb  
5 CTSC 7 Feb  
6 WA1500 CTSC 27 Feb CTSC Results 27 Feb
7 MS Ram Slam 200BB  
8 ISSF Warwick Open Warwick Results
9 Action Warwick April Warwick Action 10 Apr
10 ISSF Toowoomba Open Toowoomba ISSF Open
11 WA1500 CTSC March CTSC March
12 Action Pistol Toowoomba Rd4 Action Toowoomba R4
13 Central Regional Championships Central Regional Champs Results
14 Dimbulah Open Dimbulah Open Results
15 Brisbane Pistol Club ISSF/Services Open Brisbane Pistol Club Open
16 Action 8 Match Toowoomba June Action 8 Match
17 Northern Regional Championships North Region Burdekin
18 Len Luke ISSF Open - GCPAA Len Luke ISSF
19 MS State Championships  
20 Cairns Services Marathon Saturday Marathon Saturday
21 Cairns Services Marathon Sunday Marathon Sunday
22 Action Pistol Action 19 June
23 CTSC ISSF & BP Cairns ISSF BP Results July
24 Emerald Open Emerald Open July
25 Toogoolawah Services & Action Pistol Service 23rdService Unre 23; Action
26 Action Pistol R6 Warwick Action R6
27 JYF GCPAA February GCPAA Feb
28 Beaudesert Scenic Rim Open Beaudesert Open August
29 Gladstone Open August Gladstone Open
30 Rockhampton Open Rocky Results
31 Murrumba Open All Results
32 Action Pistol STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS State Champs Results
33 Services/WA1500 STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS State Champs Results
34 Black Powder STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS State Champs Results
36 Cairns Mini Open Cairns Results Oct
37 Lismore Open Lismore 40th Anniversary Open
38 Action Pistol R7 Toowoomba Action Rd7 Toowoomba 23 October
39 Warwick Rose and Rodeo Open  Warwick R& R 
40 SE Regional Services & WA1500 SE Regional Services
41 SE Regional MS SE Regional MS
42 SE Regional Action SE Regional Action
43 JFY Action Pistol JYF Action
44 Last Chance Open - Cairns Last Chance Open
45 SEQ Action Pistol Cup SEQ Cup Final
46 Blackall Open Blackall Open