Board Members and Coordinators

The following volunteer positions have been filled for the 2021 year;

President/Chairperson – Michele Sandstrom
Communications Director – Ross Patching
Technical Director – Roy Facey
Competition Director –
Finance Director – Elaine Gilliver
Secretary/Administrator – Sharyn Petersen
Coaching Coordinator – Robert White
Officials Coordinator – Margaret Baker
Holster Proficiency – Ross Patching
Action Pistol Coordinator – Ray Penney
Metallic Silhouette Coordinator – Judy Harding
Classification Coordinator

Volunteer Positions – Nominations Close COB Friday 25 March 2022


Classification Officer: Class Officer Application

Class Off Charter & Role Description

Classification Officer for Metallic Silhouette: Class Officer MS Application

Class Off MS Charter & Role Description

Coaching Coordinator: Coaching Coord Application

Coaching Coord Charter Role Description

Holster Accreditation Officer: Holster Accred Officer Coord Application

Holster Accreditation Officer Charter & Role Description

Officiating Coordinator: Officials Coord Application

Officials Coord Charter & Role Description

Metallic Silhouette Coordinator: MS TM-QSDS Coord Application

Action Pistol Coordinator:  Action Pistol Coordinator Application

Action Pistol Coord Charter & Role Description

Team Manager Positions:

ISSF Team Manager;        Action Pistol Team Manager;

Metallic Silhouette Team Manager;       PA Matches Team Manager

PSQ Team Manager Application

Team Manager Charter & Role Description