SA Olympic Trials 1 - Performance Series

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10m Air Pistol Women 10m Air Pistol Women Final

10m Air Pistol WSPS

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25m Rapid Fire  10m Air Pistol WSPS  10m Air Pistol Women  (Updated 17/2)


25m Rapid Fire Pistol   10m Air Pistol Women (Updated 18/2)  50m WSPS P4


25m Pistol (Updated 17/2)  25m Pistol WSPS P3   10m Air Pistol Men (Updated 17/2)

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ENTRY FORM Olympic Selection Trial Performance Series at BISC - commences on the Thursday for Training

Each Entry receives one day training FREE!!!!

Please see the Olympic Trial 1 Program to see when matches are on; in this Selection Trial 1 there is the opportunity to compete in 2 x 25m Rapid Fire; 2 x 10m Air Pistol (Women)

Olympic Selection Trial 2 - 6,7 & 8 March there will be the opportunity to compete in 2 x 25m Pistol and 2 x 10m Air Pistol (Men)

Hence there are 2 days and two entries for the above matches available - each match shot has to have an entry fee payable

Any questions please call Michele on 0400 741 953

Start date
End date
 22 Feb 2020
 23 Feb 2020