What are the different types of disciplines in pistol shooting ?

today 8, January 2020

International Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF) matches, often referred to as the Olympic matches, Pistol Australia(PA) matches listed on http://www.pistol.org.au/events/disciplines/pa-matches, and Action Pistol matches listed on





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PSQ ISSF State Champ Entry Form

Entry Form has now been posted. CLosing date is 15 July. PLEASE NOTE: new email address of competitions@pisotlshootingqld.org.au There is no dinner this year as 2023 support for this was low SEE YOU THERE

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Pistol Australia ISSF Nationals Info

This is where you will find all the bits’n’pieces you need to find us and where you are going to shoot….++++ NEW 18/5/24 – Results Updated WORK DETALS Apologies again, time has caught up and the work details are not getting done in time for the competition, so we please ask that after you have […]

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