National Referee Council (NRC)

National Referee Council (NRC)



The National Referee Council (NRC) is the body within Pistol Australia (PA) responsible for ‘officiating’. As such, the NRC has developed and implemented range official's courses covering all the events conducted under PA control. The PA range official's qualifications currently available through the PA Affiliates include Range Officers and Judges A & B.

Range Officer;

Judge B - As for Range Officer qualifications

Judge A

The NRC is also responsible for the formulation of the rules for the PA events (PA Service, Black Powder, and Metallic Silhouette matches). The NRC’s structure is:

In addition to the NRC the State Associations also have State Referee Councils (SRCs).  While the NRC is responsible for appointing the Jury and supervising the PA National Championships and the qualification of PA Judges, the SRCs are responsible for appointing the Jury and supervising the Affiliate State Championship and Open competitions and the qualification of PA Range Officers. The also NRC provides a range of resources for the pistol sport, including:

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