BIPC One Day Open November 

(Sorry C Grade 25 Standard Pistol is missing, will be here soon)

Action SE Regional

Metallic Silhouette SE Regionals SB & FP

Warwick RnR Open

JYF Action

Cairns ISSF and PA Matches Open July

Len Luke Action Pistol Results

Action Pistol SEQ Cup Rd 3

Action Pistol Central Region Championships

Metallic Silhouette Small Bore and Field National Championships

Olympic Selection Trial 2

Action Pistol Sth Qld Cup Round 1 – Open  Metallic Sight  Production

Olympic Selection Trial 1

Gold Coast PAA Joan Yet Foy ISSF Open

Action Pistol Aus Day @ GCPAA – OPEN  METALLIC  PRODUCTION – Great to see Production category happening in 2020!

Warwick Feb Open iSSF and PA Matches

Metropolitan PS PSQ Division ISSF Open

Metropolitan PS PSQ Division Black Powder

Metropolitan PC PSQ Division missing matches will be posted very shortly 10/3/20


MS Smallbore & Field Pistol State Championships – Metroplitan PC – Results

Murwillumbah Open  – these scores have been listed as many of members participated

Action Pistol Open Gold Coast PAA – Open Metallic Sights Production

Dimbulah Open Part 1  Part 2

Action National Championships – Toowoomba – Metallic Sight Grades Metallic Sights Teams Metallic Sights Outright Open Grades Open Teams Open Outright Ironman

CTSC October Open

Metallic Silhouette Oceania Championships – New Zealand – Aggregate Rankings  Match Aggregates

SE QLD Cup Action Pistol Final Open

SE QLD Cup Action Pistol Final MS

Dimbulah scores wil be posted shortly

Emerald Service and BP Open

Warwick Rose and Rodeo Open

FNQ September Open

Murrumba Open

Mt Lindesay Metallic Silhouette (just south of the border)

Services & WA1500 State Championships

Rockhampton Open

PSQ ISSF State Championships

25m Sport WSPS update to be posted Wednesday 7 August


25mt Pistol Women

A Grade

B Grade

C Grade

25mt Pistol Men

A Grade

B Grade

C Grade

D Grade to be posted WSPS

25mt Pistol Junior

Junior A

Junior C

10m Air Pistol Women


A Grade

B Grade

D Grade

Junior Girls

Metro PSQ Div Services

GCPAA Action Pistol Aus Day

Metro PSQ Div ISSF Events Open

50m   25m Centre Fire    25m Sport Jun     10m Air Men    10m Standard    25m Rapid Fire    10m Air Women

Warwick Open February

Cairns TSC February Open

JoanYetFoy Open

Action Pistol SE Cu p R1 Open

Action Pistol SE Cup R1 MS

Metallic Silhouette Smallbore & Field National Championships – well done to all Qlders!

QLD CUP  25m Rapid Fire Pistol RF A   RF B   RF C   RF D   RF Final

QLD Cup 25m Standard Pistol  A  B    D

QLD Cup 10m Air Pistol Women Master   A     B    C    D  Junior FINAL

QLD Cup  50m Pistol   A   B     C    WSPS

QLD Cup 10m Air Pistol Men Master to be posted Bailey G 569, Dan R 568 A   B C D Final

QLD Cup 25m Centre Fire A  B C

QLD Cup 25 Pistol A B C Final 25m Pistol Men

Action Pistol SEQ Cup Rd 2

South of the Border! Murwillumbah NSW Open

2018 Results

2017 Results  

2016 Results