What you will need to ensure you get as much out of the sport as you can

We have endeavoured to list items that you will be required to purchase, some you will need immediately and other items you can progress into.

Ear Protection

This is one of the most important and first items you need to purchase, as this will protect your hearing. Ear protection in the form of earmuffs or at least suitable ear plugs is required. There are many types on the market but we would recommend you purchase suitable hearing protection from a reputable firearm dealer or similar. 
Pre existing hearing impairmant does not exempt you from wearing hearing protection.

You are required to wear hearing protection at all times on the ranges, whilst shooting or simply being on the range. It is usually optional  on an Air Pistol Range.

Eye Protection

Along with hearing protection, glasses are another safety requirement especially for some matches. It is essential that even if you do not normally wear glasses that you wear glasses for safety purposes to guard the eye against damage from hot shells or gases. The rules in some events require the use of safety glasses but it is also recommended to wear eye protection on all ranges.

Anyone on a range where steel targets are being used or matches such as Black Powder, Service type matches and Metallic Silhouette must always wear eye protection.

Safety glasses are available at most Safety suppliers, hardware and firearm dealers.

There are also specialised shooting glasses that you may choose to purchase in the future. Shooting glasses are ideal for anyone who is having trouble seeing the sight picture or seeing the target too clearly, with your dominant eye lens being made specific for what is required. Talk to someone on the range that may know about this.

Once you purchase your own target pistol you may also find you require the following (dependent on the matches you are going to shoot):


You will find a telescope will come in handy for looking where your shots are going on your target. Again, have a good look around at what other members have, ask to try them, as it is easy to purchase something that is not ideal. It will also make a difference if you are going to shoot 50m Pistol, as some of the popular scopes may not be suitable at this distance. Telescopes are not required for Air Pistol, International 1920 or the Service matches including WA1500.

Any reputable firearm dealer will stock suitable items, but do a little homework first.

Gun Case and Safe

Once you are looking at purchasing your first target pistol you will need a suitable, lockable case to carry it in, to and from the range along with a safe to store it in at home. There are a variety of hard lockable cases that you can purchase from either firearm dealers or case shops. Again, look on the range, talk to fellow shooters and seek their advice.

A safe is a must and is part of your licence conditions on purchasing a target pistol. Further information can be obtained off the Queensland Police website, but again, talk to members and most reputable firearms dealers will stock suitable safes.

More to come soon….