We support, we coach, we train, we communicate, we promote, we provide risk mangement plus a whole lot more…read on…


  • State Administrator.   PSQ employs a full time paid staff member, the State Administrator, to provide advice, liaise, coordinate and forward information between our members from:
  • Pistol Australia and national discipline coordinators;
  • Shooting Australia  (previously AISL);
  • National Referee Council and National Coaching Council;
  • Queensland Olympic Committee;
  • Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing Qld, State and Regional Offices;
  • Regional Councils;
  • Queensland Police Service – Weapons Licensing, Ranges & Galleries;
  • Queensland Shooting Association;
  • Blue Card Services: Public Safety Business Agency;
  • Dept of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy;
  • Qld Events Corporation;
  • Premiers Department and Office of the State Governor;
  • Australian Sports Commission (ASC);
  • Dept of Education and Training (DET);
  • Australian Securities and Industry Commission;
  • QSport;
  • Womensport Queensland;
  • Sports Connect; and
  • International Paralympic Committee (IPC)

Board members voluntarily represent Pistol Shooting Queensland at regular meetings and conduct direct liaison with other organisations involved in issues affecting the sport of pistol shooting on behalf of all members and clubs.

  • PSQ provides individual letters of support and advice to clubs for funding applications through the various funding bodies.


  • Public and Product Liability and Personal Group Accident Insurance for every member: Covers from the time members leave home to attend pistol competitions or club activities, and return  home, both within Australia and overseas, whether shooting, officiating, coaching or attending working bees.
  • Includes cover whilst hunting, for those PSQ members with the appropriate licences.
  • Association Liability – includes Directors and Office Bearers Insurance and Entity insurance: Insurance for volunteers in the conduct of official business on behalf of their club & PSQ where all Category H members are affiliated.
  • Group Accident: Personal Accident for Voluntary Workers – claims arising from injuries to members involved in club activities eg.  competitions on the range, Club working bees.
  • Risk Management Policy for every Club: We provide an extensive Risk Management Policy template to all clubs as a model for development.
  • Member Protection Policy for every affiliated member: PSQ has adopted the SA Member Protection Policy which can, in turn, be adopted by clubs
  • PSQ has two Member Protection Information Officers.


  • Pistol Australia Bulletin:  Every member has access to the online copy and hard copies are sent to each club
  • PSQ Newsletters and Minutes to every Club:  Newsletters are available on the website, minutes of meetings and financial reports are sent by email and/or post to clubs,
  • Official News sent to every Club:  Weapons Licensing newsletters, Qld Shooting Association minutes, and promotional material from DNPRSR Qld and other Government Agencies is sent to clubs.
  • Member Participation Booklets:  Provided to members annually
  • Membership Affiliation cards:  Issued annually
  • New members Welcome pack: Sent to all new members
  • New Members Book: Sent to all new members in their Welcome Pack
  • Club Visits by Board Members: PSQ visit clubs to maintain good communication
  • Regional Roundtables: Board representation at these meetings
  • Member Forums: Member forums are held at various times
  • Promotional brochures: Issued to each club for promotion
  • CATS Days: PSQ conducts & funds ‘CATS’ (Come & Try Shooting) Days around the state: available on request.
  • Promotional DVD: PSQ promotional DVD provided to each member club
  • PSQ merchandise:An array of items advertised on our website


  • Sanctioned Competitions: PSQ supports all clubs to conduct sanctioned pistol competitions and provides accredited judges or designated officials to ensure match results are recognised by PSQ & PA for State and National Top Ten, State and National Development Squads, Talent Identification and Team Selection.
  • Top Shot Records: PSQ publishes the Top Shot results (Top 15 places)
  • Qld State Development Squad – QSDS:  PSQ supports development of our state squads
  • WSPS events: PSQ, PA & SA provides WSPS (World Shooting Para Sports) athletes the opportunity to compete at all levels of competition – from club events through to the Olympic Games.
  • No other pistol association in Queensland can give this pathway.


  • Qld State Championships:  Pistol Shooting Queensland conducts State Championships in all our events. All these events cater for men, women, juniors and athletes with a disability.
  • Masters Games, Oceania, Australia Cup, Commonwealth and Olympic Games: PSQ supports all level of international competitions
  • Access to RIKA/DISAG Scoring Machine: Air Pistol target scoring machines are available on loan (free)to assist clubs scoring PSQ/PA sanctioned competitions.


  • Coach the Coach:  PSQ is the only state sporting organisation sanctioned to train Pistol Coaches under the SA and Australian Sports Commission National Accreditation Scheme (NCAS).
  • Coach the member:  PSQ supports the Coaching Coordinator to:
  • Coordinate the provision of accredited officials to attend coaching camps.
  • Provide coaching material and practical assistance in conduct of coaching courses and seminars in all areas of the state.
  • Liaise with clubs to conduct the PA National Club Instructors Course; Club Coach, Competition Coach seminars, along with State Squad and Junior Camp activities.
  • Coaching, at all levels, is free of charge to affiliated members.
  • Access to SCATT Computer Analysis Training System: PSQ has training SCATT machines available on loan (free) to assist members to improve their skills.


  • Train the Official: PSQ is the only State Sporting Organisation (Pistol) sanctioned to train Range Officers and Judges who can then progress to gain Pistol Australia (national) accreditation and ISSF/MS/NRA/WA 1500 (international) accreditation.
  • PSQ supports the Officials Coordinator to:
  • Provide Range Officer training material and practical assistance in the conduct of Range Officer’ and Judges’ courses and seminars in all areas of the state.
  • Provide rule updates and advice.
  • Holster Accreditation: PSQ Holster Accreditation trainers test and issue Pistol Australia holster accreditation for the PA Holster event.
  • PSQ Club Range Conduct Program
  • Qld Shooting Association – Range Operator Courses: Members are eligible to attend the Range Operator courses conducted by QSA at no cost.


  • Registered Training Organisation: PSQ is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) under the Dept of Education and Training (DET) and ASQA: Course         Approval # 30989QLD.
  • Pistol Shooting Queensland isauthorised to conduct the Weapon Safety Course
  • The provision of training provides new members with a Statement of Attainment to apply for their Category H licence.


  • PSQ has a Junior Development Squad (JDS) for members
  • Development camps are conducted at: PSQ & PA level
  • Financial assistance is available to support juniors attending PA Camps, SA Junior Nationals & State Team to the Nationals for those who have met the selection criteria and the budget permitting
  • PSQ juniors can access funding under the Young Athlete Assistance Program (YAAP) as PSQ is a Qld Government State Sporting Organisation.
  • Disadvantaged juniors can also gain assistance to join a club through the Qld Government’s ‘Get in the Game’ initiative: quoting PSQ as their state body.


  • One or two delegates are funded to attend our conference where we have sessions from: Queensland Police Service; Insurers, State Government; grant writers; legal advisers; promotional advice; Range Operators; Open Forum, and more.The PSQ AGM is usually held in conjunction with the Conference.


  • We will be posting a Hall of Fame shortly on this website in recognition to members :
  • Veteran Awards: Awarded at the ISSF State Championships each year
  • Fundraisers are held when needed  eg Flood, Cyclone, or  Bushfire Appeals