How to join the sport of pistol shooting

Getting involved in the exciting sport of pistol shooting is still a fairly straight-forward process. It’s extremely safe and fun for all the family. Anyone from the age of 11 can compete. (Under 18’s will require parental consent and supervision).

Contact Pistol Shooting Queensland Ltd Office and let us know where you live, staff will then guide you to a Club near you. You must be a member of a PSQ Member Club to become a member of Pistol Shooting Qld. In the meantime you can apply for a Statement of Eligibility (QP515), if you do not already have a firearms licence. Once you have the Eligibility Statement you can follow through steps 2 – 5.

Steps to Becoming a Licensed Pistol Shooter

5 easy Steps to Becoming a Member (as at July 2019)

5 Easy Steps Flyer – Short Version

You will need to complete QP515 Statement of Eligibility

For current fees go to Queensland Police Service website:

Other information:

Once you have done all this, visit our ‘After you join’ menu item – this is always being added to.