Pistol Shooting Queensland conducts Weapons Safety Courses (RTO 2962) through clubs affiliated with us, these courses are conducted by our qualified and trained volunteer Trainers.

Pistol Shooting Queensland Ltd is the Registered Training Organisation. We are registered under the Australian Quality Training Framework and the Queensland Government Training and Employment Recognition Council. The course number is 11029NAT Course in Firearms and Weapons Safety (approved for firearms Licensing in Queensland).

Course requirements:

Entry to the course is open to all persons who are residents of Queensland seeking Category A, B, C, D, H & M (Crossbow) and M (Collectors) Weapons Act licence/s who are eligible to obtain such licence/s. (we are unable to provide this course if you hold a Student Visa; Visitor Visa or Temporary Visa, registered with CRICOS)

NEW REQUIREMENT: All applicants are required to obtain a ‘Unique Student Identifier’ (USI) by going to www.usi.gov.au

You will also need to meet the definition of a fit and proper person as per the Weapons Legislation:

The Queensland Weapons Act states that in order to obtain a licence , a person must be deemed a ‘fit and proper person’. A person will automatically be deemed to not be a fit and proper person if, in Queensland or elsewhere within the previous 5 years:

a. A person has been convicted of, or discharged from custody on sentence after the person has been convicted of any of the following offences:

1. An offence relating to the misuse of drugs

2. An offence involving the use or threatened use of violence

3. An offence involving the use, carriage, discharge or possession of firearms: or

4. Including a caution under the provisions of the Youth Justice Act or the acceptance of the Drug Division Program: or

b. A domestic violence order, other than a temporary protection order has been made against the person.
c. A current temporary domestic violence order or conditions of release is in force.

In the event of a complaint or appeal please refer to this document

If you are going to undertake this course you will need to devote a full day which includes theory and practical sessions. Cheaper rates apply to PSQ members.

Either contact your local club or our WSC Coordinator at the Pistol Shooting Queensland Office for the next course in your area.

PSQ Clubs with WSC Trainers

Beaudesert Pistol Club

Blackall Pistol Club

Bowen Pistol Club

Burdekin Pistol Club

Brisbane International Pistol Club

Cairns Target Shooting Club

Cairns Inner Circle Pistol Club

Callide Dawson Pistol Club

Charleville Pistol Club

Dimbulah Pistol Club

Fraser Coast Pistol Club

Ipswich PA Pistol Club

Metropolitan PSQ Division Pistol Club

Murrumba Pistol Club

Richmond Pistol Club

Rockhampton Pistol Club

Warwick Pistol Club

Winton Pistol Club