Coaching ideas for Athletes

Coaching with Dina Aspandiyarova. Dina has provided PSQ a series of videos covering many aspects of training.

All coming soon….

Video 1 –

  1. Feet Position; 2. Non Shooting Hand Position; 3. Neck & Head Position; 4. Position of shooting shoulder; 5. Breathing

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6

Video 7



How to clean an Air Pistol – JC

Pistol Australia has produced some informative posters that were sent to clubs but here you will find copies for your own use. If you may need some further clarification or coaching, please contact your local for information or to book in a coaching session through PSQ.

Poster 1 – Stance and posture

Poster 2 – Aiming

Poster 3 – Breathing

Poster 4 – Gripping and Trigger Pressure

Poster 5 – Precision Shooting

Poster 6 – Accurate Shooting

Poster 7 – Rapid Fire Stage

Poster 8

Following are the┬ábeginning of the Noel Ryan series – Competition Coach

NR Stance

NR Grip 2