The Pistol Australia (PA) National Coaching Council (NCC) is a sub-committee of PA Management and is governed by its own Charter. The Council consists of a National Director, each State/Territory Coaching Director, each of the PA Discipline Directors – ISSF Director, Metallic Silhouette Director and International 1920 Match Director – one PA athlete’s representative and one PA Club’s representative.

The NCC is focused on developing coaching activities in the State and Territories and PA offers additional funding in support of such development.

The primary objective of the NCC is to establish a structured National Coaching Education and Training Programs that will cover development for advanced coaching levels including Level 2 and 3 coaches who are working with the State and the National Squads and also Level 1 coaches. Additionally, State Coaching Seminars are aimed at targeting the education of Level 1 coaches and Instructors in PA Clubs.

Collaboration in conducting National and State seminars allows advanced coaching information to flow from the National level to the State level and visa versa. The exchange in coaching experiences between the States increases the performance of PA Coaches nationally and therefore increases the quality of PA and State based training programs.

A further objective of the NCC is to establish programs for talent identification and athlete development.