Join In The Virtual Nationals

today 5, April 2020

Todays winner announced below….Be in it to win & have some fun! Some new names are appearing on the Virtual Trophies whilst some big names of some of the matches aren’t participating! Just in case you missed the last few days of our Virtual Nationals….Seeing many of us were missing the Nationals yesterday we thought we would implement a little fun and run a Virtual Nationals.

We are using last years nationals results in each match. Enter your name and your score. (if someone else has already chosen your score we will allocate you the closest score)

Each day at presentation time, say about 5pm (QLD) time we will advise the winner!

Match of the day on Wednesday – 25yd Service Pistol – The winner will be selected by an automated random selection…choose your score to be in to win!

We will be doing this for every match up until next Sunday.

As of Thursday the system will change it’s format, send us your highest and lowest competition scores for the match/es of hte day and see who wins!

If you can’t enter your score by Facebook you can email your score to before 4.50pm today!



Day 2 – WA1500 Revolver Champion – Brian Nelles 

Day 3 – Service Pistol Champion – Nicola Batchelar; Black Powder 25 – Andrew Bamblett (Trophies are displayed on Facebook)

Day 4 – Service Pistol Unrestricted Champion – Cam Wedgwood

Day 5 – 

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