Supported Rest


SE Region is conducting one category for the supported match for those who no longer can meet the challenges of one handed unsupported - be the first SE Regional Champion in this event

ISSF Supported Rest Match Rules

Clubs are starting to take on the ISSF Supported Matches. if you feel your club could suit these matches you can download the rules and start.

Just in short as the picture shows it is the base of the grip/stock that rests on the support, no other support is allowed. even though there are 3 age categories we are sure most would be happy to be in the one category. Keeps people involved once bodies start to give up on us.

It is only for 10m Air Pistol and 50m Pistol - not for timed fire matches.

Take a good read and study it to see if it suits your members and club.

RIFLE AND PISTOL SUPPORT RESTS ? The support rest must be made only of round material with a maximum diameter of 50 mm and a length of at least 100 mm. ? The support rest must only be clad with smooth material.  ? The support rest must be no wider than 60 mm ? The use of competitors’ own support rests is permitted if the match sponsor (organizer) does not provide support rests for all competitors.  Private support rests, if used, must comply with this rule