Pistol Shooting As Said By Ragnar Skanaker

today 20, January 2017

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Pistol Shooting Queensland are proud to be the Australian and New Zealand Distributor of Ragnar Skanaker’s new book ‘Master Competitive Pistol Shooting’. This is a great book for people of all levels and definitely motivates you to ‘give-it-a-go’ and work a little to see how well you can shoot.

A little about the man behind the book who has such an illustrious career in our sport and a man we will all be honoured to have visit for his Book Launch on February 11th at Belmont. Ragnar’s book, ‘Master Competitive Pistol Shooting’ is now for sale through Pistol Shooting Qld.

Ragnar is a 7 time Olympian from 1972 through to 1996, culminating with an Olympic record on a 567 in 50m Pistol in 72, one Gold medal, two silver and one bronze medal.

Ragnars list of podium medals includes some 3 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze from World Championships with a World Record of 583 in 25m Standard Pistol in 1978 in Seoul

Ragnar also has some 5 Gold, 6 silver and 4 bronze World Cup medals. 587 in Air pistol being one of his highest achieved scores at this level of competition.

Quotes from the book:

“If you take the advice from this book you will have a better life and, if you train properly, also get possibilities to travel and find friends all over the world. Everybody can, it’s just hard work!”

“From the stadium of beginning it will take time to get into world class, i would say normally ten years.”

“Find out your own style and learn it to perfection.”

“Anyone who wants to be a champion in any of the pistol shooting events will without doubt fail without first learning the basics in pistol shooting.”

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