Recognise any names from ’76

today 22, May 2020

Sorry, ’75 magazines are all missing, strange! Maybe should say temporarily misplaced..hence only 1 years worth of chatter!

Flashback to 1976

Some names and scores of up and coming Qlders in 1976 – recognise any of the names!

Barry Downs Free Pistol 524
Ron Petersen Free Pistol 525
John May Free Pistol 520
Joan Yet Foy Free Pistol 426
Don Powell Centre Fire 562
Trevor Hutton Centre Fire 558
Tony Long Centre Fire 548
Alan Skelton Centre Fire 552
Doug McMillan Centre Fire 552
Peter Sieh Centre Fire 434
Peter Cole Standard Pistol 525
Charlie Mower Rapid Fire 532
Wes Masson Rapid Fire 526
Elaine Gilliver Rapid Fire 468
Sharyn Petersen Ladies Match 538
Lyn Gilligan Ladies Match 536
Joan Downs Ladies Match 464
Doug Brown Air Pistol 355
Sharyn Petersen Air Pistol 341
Billy Mann Air Pistol 339
Malcolm Bone Free Pistol 484
Lyn McMillan Rapid Fire 551
Richard Coates Rapid Fire 525
Bob Moore Centre Fire 542
Col Goldup Standard Pistol 541
Peter Verreyt Centre Fire 548
Morley Ash Rapid Fire 504
Peter Heuke Rapid Fire 575
Dale Ramm Centre Fire 531

For the Music Buffs…Top 10 Singles in Australia in ’76

  1. Fernando – Abba
  2.  Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
  3.  Dancing Queen
  4.  Howzat – Sherbet
  5.  Don’t go breaking my heart – Elton John * Kiki Dee
  6.  Jump in My Car – Ted Mulry
  7.  Money, Money, Money – Abba
  8.  S. S. S. Single Bed – Fox
  9.  Lets Stick Together – Bryan Ferry
  10. Convoy – C.W. McCall


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