State Champs and other Opens Update

today 1, July 2020

All Qld State Championships are curently pending at this stage. PSQ Board have recently carried out feasibility in regard to these events. The outcome was that they will meet again at the beginning of August which is a few weeks after Stage 3 is planned to be implemented in Queensland.

Stage 3 is planned to be implemented in Queensland as from July 3. After this date clubs will be in a position to have up to 100 at their facility. Social distancing and sanitising will still be in place. Also, after this date, clubs can host Open competitions. PSQ have just completed the Covid Safe Checklist for Sanction Opens. This document has been put together as required by Qld Health/Government.

Besides this Checklist, clubs who are providing food at their events will also have to meet the Covid Safe Checklist: Voluntary as provided by Qld Government.

All attendees at Open Competitions will need to complete the Tracing Register each day of attendance – as currently implemented at clubs.

The relevant documents are available for clubs in the Club Login section of the PSQ Website.

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