Volunteer Team

today 20, March 2020

If you would like to become part of the PSQ Volunteer Team, please complete the attached form and forward it to PSQ. The form is best completed on you computer as all the competition information have drop down menus to click.

We look forward to you joining up with us as soon as you can as this will help in ordering your correct #ONEVOLUNTEER shirt.

Volunteer Interest Form


We acknowledge Pistol Australia for their financial support into this program.

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Thank You

Sometimes, we don’t always get to do everything we want to when we want to! We wanted to make sure that all those ‘special VOLUNTEERS’ who helped us with the ISSF State Championships, know that we appreciate your assistance greatly. The ISSF State Championships being held on the state range facility at BISC, means we […]

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Dedicated through and through

Have a read of how dedicated some of our members are. Rain, fog and cold and they soldier through… MS at Mt Lindesay in the fog and the rain!

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2022 Pistol Shooting Qld Annual General Meeting – TUESDAY 17th JANUARY 2023 AGM Notice No.1 01.09.22 Do you think you have something positive to contribute to the future of our sport? If so, why not look at the Board positions that are open.  Nominations for the following Board Director Positions close 18th December 2022 TECHNICAL […]

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