We are all back on 12th June

today 18, May 2020

We are all heading back to sport on June 12th. The Government has released a whole heap of documents around ‘Return To Play’. There are Guidelines, Media Release, other resources. They have also provided a Return to Play Readiness Checklist for Clubs, with PSQ currently working on a sport specific checklist that can work alongside this one.
Clubs have been forward everything we have received (which was late Friday night) Everything is available on the website www.covid19.qld.gov.au/returntoplay

Letter to Clubs 18.05.20

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Competitions Closing

Possibly not too late to still enter the following:

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July Competitions

Another lot of competitions for the month of July with the Black Powder State Championships being held at FNQ for all the Black Powder enthusiasts. And don’t forget the month of August will see the ISSF State Champs being held at BISC, take an opportunity to participate in this State event on electronic targets – […]

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Competitions for the month of June

Queensland Clubs put on an enormous number of Competitions for our members to all enjoy competitive pistol shooting – the reason for our existence and Cat H license…try a competition this year, it might surprise you on how much you will enjoy it.

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