Week 1 Flashback Friday

today 2, April 2020

We will be featuring articles from previous Pistol Australia Bulletins and the QPN in this Flashback Friday feature. We are not sure if it will be weekly or fortnightly at this stage (we have to make sure we have enough content to get us through these challenging times!). We are trying a couple of options to see which works best for our members, with option one being a few excerpts from the magazines of the year, this week starting with Flashback to 1968 or option 2 we have included sections from the then Amateur Pistol Shooting Union of Australia (APSUA), as we were then known as, September issue of the Australian Pistol Shooters’ Bulletin.

We acknowledge the Editor of the day, Joan Tremelling.

We hope you enjoy reading about our past, you may find somethings haven’t changed!

Flashback to 1968

September Issue Stories – remember everyone, this is back before we had all the matches we now have and our formation had been encouraged for the 1956 Olympics.

Olympian Story

Tibor answers questions

State News

For those of you interested in music:

The Top 10 for 1968

10.Hello, I Love you – The Doors

9. Mony, Mony – THe Schondels

8. Harper Valley PTA

7. Mrs Robinson – Simon & Garfunkel

6. This Guys in love with you – Herb Albert

5. Sunshine of your Love – Cream

4. People got to be free – THe Rascals

3. Sittin on the Dock of the Bay

2. Honey

1. Hey Jude

Most recent news


Competitions Closing

Possibly not too late to still enter the following:

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July Competitions

Another lot of competitions for the month of July with the Black Powder State Championships being held at FNQ. And don’t forget the month of August will see the ISSF State Champs being held at BISC, take an opportunity to participate in this State event on electronic targets – the competition is a graded event […]

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Competitions for the month of June

Queensland Clubs put on an enormous number of Competitions for our members to all enjoy competitive pistol shooting – the reason for our existence and Cat H license…try a competition this year, it might surprise you on how much you will enjoy it.

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